Advice and guidance that modern leaders will embrace.

-Rob Llewellynby

This is such a solid guide to Industry 4.0. ASEAN leaders with the mandate to drive digital transformation in the new digital economy cannot afford to have this book missing from their collection. Watch as the 2020s unfold and notice how the winners will have embraced much of what the authors have so elegantly shared in this book. from www.amazon.co.uk

Excellent Smart Manufacturing

christian marti

Excellent book about Industry 4.0, focusing on ASEAN regional (The world's fourth-largest economy in 2030).

The book is quite exhaustive and covers a wide range of topics

Anish Kumar

The book is quite exhaustive and covers a wide range of topics related to Industry 4.0 and its challenges, opportunities and definitely help professionals who would want meaningful insights for their work. I used my Kindle for iPhone to read it while commuting to my office. from www.amazon.in

Useful Introduction of Smart Manufacturing

Laurie Reynolds

An excellent summary for someone wanting a general understanding of Industry 4.0 and the steps needed to setup a Proof of Concept project. from www.amazon.co.uk

Very good Resource about Smart Manufacturing


Very good book for learning overall histories of 1st to 4th industrial revolutions, as well as those Industry 4.0 plans of major countries, its requirements, architecture, examples in business areas, etc..very comprehensive.Probably a must read for anyone who are / will be doing IoT business in ASEAN. from www.amazon.co.jp